Tridyn Creative Media, LLC, is a digital branding & marketing agency that helps  entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and  small businesses solidify their business presence in the marketplace with branding, social media, and marketing tools.

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 Rosa I Evans is an experienced branding/marketing consultant and owner/founder of Tridyn Creative Media, LLC.

 She graduated from Full Sail University with a Master’s degree in media design with an emphasis on corporate branding and a second Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Florida International University. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art and an Associates degree in graphic design.



What drives someone to want change, a different path, a different quality of life?

Here’s what I know from personal experience. It’s really tough being in a place where you are miserable. This was me for years. School was easy for me until I got to college. I blew it. I ended up dropping out after three semesters because I thought that working was more important.

Fast forward to my 30’s, working at another customer service-based job that I hated. I was not happy at all because I knew that I had more to offer than just answering phones. I made a choice to go back to school as an adult. I earned 4 degrees (BA in Art,  Assoc. Degree in Graphic Design, a Master’s in Media Design/Branding & a Second Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing) as a full time employee and full time mom. (I had my second two girls during this time.)

After graduation, I still was having difficulty finding a job in my field. I freelanced …branding, web design etc. but  I decided to teach art full time so I got my Teaching cert in Art. 5 years later, reality sunk in. Teaching grade school didn’t fit me as a person. I am an introvert. I need a creative outlet and a chance to decompress daily.  Teaching left me completely drained daily and there came point when I couldn’t stand the thought of teaching another day. I was completely miserable. It was literally sucking the life out of me. I know and understand myself enough to know what I need as a person to be complete. I made a choice one day to just stop denying myself those opportunities and go for it.

I haven’t always made the “perfect” choices in life but who does. It’s all part of learning and living. We have to experience to learn. Reality is, venturing out on your own is not easy. It’s scary as hell. There are real struggles. One day you feel 100% “committed and the next you may start to question your decisions. Many times you’ll feel completely alone like no understands you or your vision.

But if you don’t try to do more for yourself you will always be at the mercy of someone else. If I don’t go out and pave my own way, someone else will be controlling my wages, my hours, my life. You have to know yourself, value yourself, and accept nothing less than what you deserve. It’s never too late. You’re never too old. You will have up/downs, detours, stalls, etc. but if you never start you will always just be stuck wondering “What if…”

I quit my job. No safety net. No plan. Just quit. I just knew that I could no longer work just for a paycheck. I longed for freedom and flexibility. I wanted to be able to do what I loved but on my terms. As an introvert, I realized my whole life, I’d been trying to put myself into what others and society deemed right for me. I was a people pleaser instead of being true to myself.

It wasn’t working. I was miserable and when you’re in a negative state it affects everything around you.

At 42, I started over. I started doing more to discover myself. Anything to increase my self-awareness so I could grow (emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). In my career, I decided to work for myself. I already had the foundation of skills from my work experience and education. I started networking and became hyper focused on building my own path.

It hasn’t been easy but, I now own my own digital marketing agency.

I have 3 beautiful daughters and I want them to 100% believe that they can do anything in life. They never have to settle for anything less than what they want. They need to know that their life and story is theirs to own and write.

My mission is to help women to build thriving careers and businesses.

I truly believe the world will benefit from more women leaders. This is why Tridyn Creative Media exists today….to give other women an opportunity to thrive.

Live life with Passion

Learn and Evolve

Lead with Kindness and Empathy.

Rosa I Evans



Tridyn Creative Media, LLC


Her mission is to help give others the opportunity to align their career with their passion in life. She holds the belief that everyone has the ability to live life on their terms and that it is the risk-takers, the fearless warriors, that get things done and make life better for the rest of us. Her purpose is to use her knowledge and expertise to help visionaries showcase their gift to the world and help them excel.

Her core beliefs include the premise that your career or life’s work should hold value and have a purpose of passion that creates a meaningful life.


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